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What is HydraBall?

HydraBall is a fifth wheel trailer hitch unlike any other trailer hitch on the market today. HydraBall's hydraulic operated fifth wheel ball eases tension on body joints, shoulders, and elbows while creating a fast and secure connection to your trailer. 

Designed for farmers and ranchers, HydraBall is a cost-effective hydraulic trailer hitch solution for horse trailers, custom truck beds, bale beds, or any fifth wheel trailer in comparison to a hydraulic trailer jack that is almost double the cost.

Hydraball - Fifth Wheel Hitch.jpeg
Hydraball - 5th Wheel Hitch.jpeg
Hydraball - Hydraulic Trailer Hitch.jpeg

Frequently Asked Questions

How Does HydraBall Work?

The HydraBall works off of your existing hydraulics that comes already equipped on your bale bed, but an electric over hydraulic pump could easily be installed if you have just a standard flatbed.

What Types of Trailers Does HydraBall Work With?

The HydraBall works with any trailer.  

Where Can I Buy Hydraball?

You can purchase the HydraBall on our website to be shipped directly to you or you can contact one of our Certified Installers:


  • Heath @ Bonnett Trailer Sales & Service -  Stewartsville, MO                                       816-669-3794

  • Tanner Morton @ Midwest Hydra Bed and Truck Sales -  Edina, MO                             660-342-1536

  • Roger @ Liebhart Sales - New Boston, MO                                                                                  660-689-3406


  • BS Trailer Sales -  Dodge City, KS                                                                                                      620-225-4629


  • Jim @ Western Welding -  Cordell, OK                                                                                           580-832-5213


  • Josh @ Cat 5 Marine Solutions -  Vero Beach, FL                                                                      251-223-7454


  • Falcan Industries Ltd  -  Fort Macleod, Alberta TOL OZO                                                     403-553-2114

I'm interested in selling HydraBall? Are you looking for more dealers?

We are looking for bale bed dealers across the globe to become dealers and installers for the HydraBall.  

Can I Install HydraBall Myself?

The HydraBall can be installed by the customer.  A set of instructions are included in the kit as well as a template to be set on your channel where your holes will be drilled.  Mag drill is required.


We'd love to hear from you!

You can complete this form of feel free to give Terry a call at 660-853-1691

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